Crossblood®  comic book SERIES

Crossblood®  is the first comic book produced by Code 21 Comics. The story was originally written to be a graphic novel, but was later broken up into a four part comic book series during the development phase of the production process.

Each of the characters were first created using 3D modeling software (in preparation for future animated movie and motion comics), then the scene are hand drawn using a Wacom tablet.

This technique allows for a unique style and futuristic looking comic book panel illustrations to enhance the science-fiction story.

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Based in part upon on the ancient alien theory, this science-fiction story is set around the adventures of the CROSSBLOOD®, an hybrid alien-human, as he and his fellow agents (who belong to an elite and benevolent legion of extraterrestrial beings who follow God) fight for the causes of good in the galaxy. They battle an evil race of Reptilian aliens and their allies in a secret centuries long war for control of the Earth and… the souls of man.

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Must Get!!  By Victory78 on November 13, 2015
I bought this comic book for my 12yr old son who loves sci-fi books. He said he loved the story line. Will definitely purchase the next one.