Samuel M. Boyer is the Creative Director of Boyer Creative Enterprises LLC (dba Boyer Animation Studios and dba Code 21 Comics). He has studied psychology and business and (like his dad) is an avid comic book fan. Samuel is the creative and technical lead on many of the current and upcoming comics projects and animation productions. He contributes to all the detailed character designs and also the character backstories behind many of the titles.

Samuel M. Boyer

Michael V. Boyer is the owner and CEO of Boyer Creative Enterprises LLC (dba Boyer Animation Studios and dba Code 21 Comics). He is also the creator, writer, illustrator, animator, and producer of the animated stories and other creative works featured on this website and comic book publisher of Code 21 Comics. He has worked in the past as a graphic artist and political cartoonist for a central California newspaper firm and also previously served as the Creative Director for the marketing department of an international chemical company. He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and Army National Guard, where he served in the aviation and military intelligence fields. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Saint Leo University having earned a Bachelors degree and an M.B.A. He also has a degree in art from Merced College. He has been married to his beautiful wife Rosie for 25 years and is a proud father and grandfather. His life long passion has been to become a comic book writer/artist and animator... which is now unfolding with the development of Boyer Animation Studios and Code 21 Comics.​

The Creators

Our Logo, Motto, Mission, and Vision

Michael V. Boyer

About Code 21 Comics

Our logo

The "open door" logo is derived from our parent company Boyer Animation Studios and symbolizes our philosophy of "opening the door to imagination" in relation to the mottos of both labels.

Our Motto

As referenced above, our motto is akin to our Boyer Animation Studios motto--less the "animation" of course...

The Code 21 Comics motto is:

"Opening The Door To Imagination"

Our Mission

To create quality artistic comic books and graphic novels with higher literary level stories in a variety of genres including: adventure, science-fiction, and fantasy for the entertainment and enjoyment of advanced readers.

Our Vision

To be a leading producer of digitally produced comic books and graphic novels.

A Division of Boyer Creative Enterprises LLC

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Code 21 Comics is a division of Boyer Creative Enterprises LLC. Originally the comic book titles were being published under the name "Boyer Animation Studios Comics", as the stories were at first going to be presented exclusively as animated motion comics. After the first printing of the Crossblood®, the feedback indicated that the word animation confused some folks in relation to printed comics... so the DBA of "Code 21 Comics" was born. The name simply comes from the numeric code of the number "2" which is equal to the letter "B" and the number "1" which is equivalent to the letter "A" (B-Boyer...A-Animation... = Code 21). The cover of the first issue of Crossblood™ was republished under this new label.

Boyer Animation Studios remains as a animation production company for family-friendly cartoon entertainment and animated children's books, while Code 21 Comics will produce quality comic books and graphic novels written at a higher literary level for the enjoyment of teens to adults---but with in-depth storylines and plot details that read more like a traditional novel. The illustrations are integrated with 3D modeling software for a unique and modern look rarely seen in traditional comic book productions.