PREMIERE ISSUE: In the dimensional realm between time and space, lies Mount Mar’u - - an eternal mystical realm in the center of the multiverse. The control center of the Mar’u realm is guarded solely by the Jikan Senshi™, a wise sentry who oversees the Key of the Mandara Bridge—a universal gate key to all time and dimensions. The Jikan Senshi™ discovers the Key has been stolen by the powerful  monster Elementaur™ and he is now disrupting time and changing history of all the dimensions. The Jikan Senshi™ sends two of his most powerful Time Warriors, Tsuki™ the spirit of the moon and Taiyou™ the spirit of the sun, to stop Elementaur™ as he travels time. (Full color, 20 pages)

This comic book series contains some mild science-fiction violence.


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Jikan Senshi:

Legends of the Time Warriors